Create a digital or physical collage in real time.
Our Live Mosaic Photo Station can create a digital or physical collage in real time and allows everyone at the event to participate. The final mural can be anything from a photo of the bride and groom, to your corporate logo. The Live Photo Mosaic is great when it’s essential to achieve brand awareness or just entertain everyone attending your event.
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Are you looking to take the excitement up another level? We can pair the Mosaic with one of our photo booths or allow everyone at the event to text in their favorite selfie photos directly to our printers.

Our state-of-the-art software can also grab and print photos labeled with your special hashtag. It’s the best way to keep everyone involved.
And don’t forget about those that couldn’t be at the event. A selfie or hashtag would be a great way to include them in the Live Mosaic. We can also create a unique URL link for them to watch online as the Live Mosaic is being built. It’s great for connecting multiple events at different locations.

As part of our service, we provide a high-resolution image of the final mosaic. This way, you can offer it to anyone looking to take home a keepsake from the event.